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 Key to Abbreviations


Jones and Horan's Official Grading System

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Key to Abbreviations:

“AMAC” = anti-magnetic auto-compensating
“AN” = Arabic numeral
“cal” = caliber
"cm" - centimeter (0.394-inch, 10mm)
"CPBM" - chrome-plated base metal case
“ct” = carat weight
“DES” = diamond endstone
“DR” = double roller
“DSD” = double sunk dial
“dwt” = pennyweight (20 per ounce troy)
“ED” = enamel dial
"ET" - engine turned, engine turning
“FS” = fine scratch(es)
“g” = gram (31.1 per troy ounce)
"GCW" - gold center wheel
“GF” = gold-filled
“GJS” = gold jewel setting(s)
“GP” = gold-plated
“GRO” = good running order  *See last paragraph of Official Grading System below
"GT" - gold trainClick here to go back to all Live Auction categories
“H” = height
“HB” = hinged-back
“HB&B” = hinged-back & bezel
“HC” = hunting-case
“hl” = hairline(s)
“HS” = hairspring
“J” = jewel(s)
“K” = karat of gold quality
“KW” = key-wind
“KS” = key-setClick here to go back to all Live Auction categories
“L” = length
“LS” = lever set
“M” = model
“MB” = motor barrel
“MFS” = micro fine scratch(es)
"mm" - millimeter (0.04-inch, 0.1cm)
“MOP” = mother-of-pearl
“mvt” = movement
“NI” = nickel, white plating or plate material, usually rhodium plating over nickel
“NOS” = new old stockClick here to go back to all Live Auction categories
“NR” = not running
“OF” = open face
“OH” = overhaul
“p” = page
“PG” = pink gold
“PW” = pocket watch
“QS” = quick set
“QSD” = quadruple-sunk dial
“ref” = reference
“RG” = rose gold
“RGF” = rose gold-filled
“RGP” = rolled gold plate
“RN” = Roman numeral
“RPBM” = rhodium-plated base metal
“RR” = railroad
“S” = size
“s#” = serial number
“SB” = screwed-back
“SB&B” = screwed-back & bezel
“SO” = swingoutClick here to go back to all Live Auction categories
“SS” = stem-set (pendant-set)
“SSD” = single-sunk dial
“SW” = stem wind
“TP” = Total Production
“TSD” = triple-sunk dial
“TW” = total weight
“UFS” = ultra fine scratch(es), brushing
“W” = width
“WED” = white enamel dial
“WG” = white gold
“WI” = wind indicator
“WR” = water resistant
“WW” = wrist watch
“YG” = yellow gold

Jones and Horan's Official Grading System:

The Jones & Horan plain English grading system follows this general order from top to bottom for mvts, component parts, metal dials, hands and cases: Pristine (without defect, untouched) | Mint | Near Mint | Excellent | Fine (the average grade for most used, running watches) | Fair | Poor. We no longer use “good” as a grade as it can be misleading, so it only applies to function (see below). We then describe any salient defects that should be called to the attention of the potential buyer.

With respect to wear, we also use the following terms in order: No wear | Hardly any wear | Very little wear | Little wear | Very light wear | Light wear | Medium wear | Ample wear | Substantial or abundant wear | Worn out. These general terms are used in combination with precise descriptions of defects for further elaboration where needed.

Enamel dials are not necessarily graded, but called “perfect” when free of cracks, chips or hairlines, which are structural and always noted. Surface defects such as scratches, discoloration or graphical defects may be present on a perfect dial, and are noted separately.

The term, “Good,” is only used alone to indicate that the watch or its function is doing what it should be doing, as in “good running order, good repeat function and tone, good chronograph and date functions,” etc. These functions are not rated or graded. “Good crystal” means without meaningful defect, as does “Good dial.”

Good running order (GRO) only means that the balance and escapement are performing in healthy fashion and without apparent defect, but does not guarantee timekeeping or warrantee future performance; unless otherwise noted, our timepieces are not serviced by us, and we do not know when they were last serviced from our sources. We do our best to indicate any potential problems or needs for repair.

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